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We are a Calgary (Canada) Video Marketing Agency that loves working with local businesses. Though we have worked with companies all over Alberta, BC, and Ontario. 

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We magnify the impact you create through strategic video marketing solutions 💯

If you're a small or medium-sized business you are the backbone of our economy and you deserve growth. That means having marketing assets that not only make you look good but also get you results

We're not just a team of videographers, but we're a team of marketing strategists and content creators. 
As a video marketing agency, we have a variety of videos and marketing services from Video Testimonials, Video Advertising Campaigns to Brand Videos. We aim to give you clarity in your marketing strategy, messaging, and target market. This way you'll always have a strong foundation that you can depend on to grow, scale your business, and crush your business goals.

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🧠  Built for Your Goals

Our solutions are built for you. Together we build a strategy and implementation that achieves your goals. 

👨🏻‍🏫  Designed with Strategy

Don't ever feel like you're in the dark. You are apart of the collaborative process. This way we can track, troubleshoot, and communicate our milestones. 

🖌  Built for Your Brand

We want to be your best-kept secret. This is why messaging, design and font will always feel like it's from you and your business.

 📱 Local Love

We are a Calgary Video Marketing Agency that loves working with local businesses. Though we have worked with companies all over Alberta, BC, and Ontario. 

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Let your biggest fans sell for you. Capture and share the impact you've achieved through your business. Make the results speak for themselves

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Get tremendous reach and awareness to a whole new audience. By harnessing the power of video and paid social media advertising, you can attract leads on autopilot.

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Always begin with the best first impression. Start qualifying your organic leads by having a video asset that perfectly to explains who you are, what you do, and why it matters.

Don't see what you're looking for? we also offer Custom Solutions

Trusted by brands of every size

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"Parallel Creative Co. has really helped us figure out not only visually what we want our company to look like to the public, but also how people are going to be able to engage with that content down the line. So they've helped us create funnels and strategies around the video production that we are making and ensuring that everyone who connects with the information is the right people to connect with that information."

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Eliese Watson

Owner, ABC Bees

Video Testimonials

Client: Impact Orthodontics

Client: Apiaries and Bees for Communities

Client: South Calgary Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

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Results Driven

Never guess if a campaign is working. We are always tracking every step of your campaign. Ensuring we're always making the best decisions.


Quick Turnaround

Time is our most valuable resource. This is why with us, we'll always deliver assets and campaigns at break-neck speeds.


Client Portal

Clear Communication and transparency through a client portal that you have access to.


Cross Platform

Whether it's videos for your website or your phone. We can format it for any platform.

Not Your Average Video Marketing Agency

Your marketing should never be a "flash in the pan" solution. Our focus is to create high-performing assets and campaigns that invigorate your business. We don't want to offer many solutions to one problem. We only want to offer one that will give you the greatest return. This allows us to execute specialized and streamlined strategies that scale.


Without the overhead of a large-scale agency. 

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Let's get connected

Got questions about how you can use our services to make your business stand out? Let's grab a virtual coffee and connect!

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