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How Long Should Videos Be? | 2 Factors to Consider

Have you heard this before?

"People’s attention spans are getting short."

"People’s attention spans are like goldfish."

"Oh videos shouldn’t be longer than 90 seconds."

I hear this all the time and honestly it’s not true.

That’s what I’m going to be talking about in today's video.

Look, there is no magic number of how long a video should be and it really depends. I know that’s a vague answer.

Let’s look at it like this, you’re getting a new roof for your house, so right now you’re looking for a roofing company. It’s probably gonna cost you at least $10k or more.

Now would you watch 60 - 90 second videos about roofs, expect to know everything and then make a decision from there?

Probably not.

You would probably be watching 10 - 15 minute videos and longer than that, and watching multiple of them to learn tips on how to hire a roofing company, what to look for in a good roofing company, different types of roofing materials, how much does it cost, what’s the process like from beginning to end.

You’ll have a lot of questions in your research phase right now & finding answers for them.

There are 2 major factors that determine how much someone is willing to consume video.

Factor 1: Where Are Buyers in Their Buying Cycle?

The first is where they are in the buying cycle.

If you’re at the top of the funnel, and you don’t need a new roof 2, 3 years from now, you’re probably not gonna be interested in even watching a 60 second video.

If you’re more in the bottom of the funnel, near the decision & purchase phase, and you need a new roof right away, you’re gonna spend more time watching videos (mostly long form videos) to avoid making mistakes in your purchase.

Factor 2: Fear of Making Bad Decisions & Purchase

The second factor is fear of making the wrong decisions and making a bad purchase.

To avoid making wrong decisions, you’ll want to learn as much as you can before dropping over $10k.

So you’re gonna consume and will spend as much time as needed to feel comfortable before pulling the trigger.

Ultimately the videos need to be as long as they need to be, and as thoroughly and concisely as possible. So that means that it can be a minute, 90 seconds, or 90 minutes.

It’s about conveying enough information to make the buyer feels safe and comfortable, and say to themselves “Okay, I understand how this works and I’m ready to make a decision”.

So by taking these 2 factors into consideration and focusing on those, rather than focusing on the length of the video, you’ll have more success when creating them.

I hope this was helpful, feel free to check our other videos to learn more about video marketing.

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